Stop in to check out our full line of accessories for all instruments. You'll find a robust assortment of everyday necessities such as reeds, sticks, strings and picks - and a whole lot more!

We'll Keep You Going

There's really nothing more important at Whip City Music than making sure we have the accessories that you need to keep making music. Student or Pro, day in and day out you need strings, picks, reeds, sticks, mallets, heads, cables, rosin, metronomes, tuners, stands, stools, straps, cleaners, lubricants, capos, adapters, and a whole lot of other things to keep making the best music possible. It's our goal to have exactly what you need when you need it.

And Yet...

We're a small store, a locally owned and operated family business. We're not part of some big chain and we can't stock every item you can imagine. So yes, despite our best efforts we won't always have everything you're looking for. But we'll do our best to get anything you request if at all possible, and we'll do it quickly and at a reasonable price. Or we'll tell you we can't. Simple as that.