Our new and used musical instrument selection reflects the diversity and wide range of musicians and students that we serve, and you can count on expert assistance in selecting a new instrument.

Getting Started

Whether you're taking lessons with us or learning with someone else - or even just learning on your own - Whip City Music stocks some great entry level guitars, amplifiers, keyboards and drum sets. Need a horn or woodwind instrument, or even a violin or cello? No problem, we regularly buy and sell both new and used band instruments.

Trading Up

We're always open to taking in your old gear towards new or used gear that we have. Naturally we can't take trades against consignment items, but we can also buy your used gear to give you some cash. Even if you're not looking for anything new, we can either buy or consign your used gear to get you some cash. As the only music store in Westfield licensed to buy and sell used gear you can count on us to treat you fairly.

Unique Selection

One of the first things you'll notice when you look over the selection of guitars and amplifiers at Whip City Music, is that we don't stock a huge selection of just one or two brands. Instead, we do our best to maintain a fairly wide variety of gear both in brand as well as price. So when you're looking for a guitar, you'll have a chance of trying out guitars that are quite different from each other. In addition to our new guitars, we stock many quality used instruments which means you can often find brands which many small town music shops don't usually have.

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