Musicians at every level need to properly maintain their equipment for peak performance and usability. Whip City Music combines both in-house and outsourced services to help keep your instruments and other equipment in top condition and ready when you need them.

Guitar Repairs & Services

Basic Set Up - Acoustic, Electric and Bass ($55.00)
Restring using strings of your choice, clean and oil fretboard, polish frets, adjust truss rod, set action, set intonation, clean and polish finish. Additional charges apply for new strings (price varies) and guitars with Floyd Rose or similar floating bridges (add $35.00).

Restring ($10.00)
Restring for most guitars using strings of your choice. Additional charges apply for new strings (price varies), tied string classical guitars, 12-string guitars and guitars with Floyd Rose or similar floating bridges (add $10.00).

Truss Rod Adjustment ($15.00)
Get your guitar's truss rod adjusted to eliminate buzz, or improve playability.

Action Adjustment ($25.00)
Adjust the action for improved playability. Additional charges apply for guitars with Floyd Rose or similar bridges (add $25.00).

Intonation Adjustment ($25.00)
Adjust intonation on guitars and basses with adjustable bridges. Additional charges apply for guitars with Floyd Rose or similar bridges (add $25.00).

Install Strap Button ($15.00)
Install additional strap button.

Nut Repair ($36.00)
Repair or make minor modification to existing nut. Additional charges apply for creating a custom nut (add $24.00).

Fret Level & Crown ($120.00)
Level and crown all frets.

Pickup Installation ($25.00)
Install passive pickups to your guitar without a pickguard. Additional charges apply for active pickups (add $5.00), guitars with a pickguard (add $5.00), new pickguard or pickguard modifications (price varies).

Guitar/Bass Simple Electronics Repairs ($30.00)
Repair jack, potentiometer or switch. Additional charges apply for repair of multiple items.

Amplifier Repair Service

Whip City Music is pleased to have RockOn Amplifier Repairs co-located in our facility. RockOn provides tune-ups and repairs on tube amplifiers of all ages and brands. RockOn also provides many additional services, such as pickup potting, guitar troubleshooting and rewiring, and more. Repairs intended for RockOn can be dropped off at Whip City Music any time we're open.

Band & Orchestra Instrument Service

We provide cleaning and repair service for most band and orchestra instruments. Most repairs require a one to two week turnaround time. Band and orchestra services are quoted on an individual basis, but unless extensive work is required these repairs generally cost from $30 to $100. Servicing can be quoted prior to performing repairs, or you can establish a call limit. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding these services.